TAN Power Solar Roof Top Panels


  • A low-profile design and premium front trim for a sleek new look
  • Our solar panels complement your home aesthetically while making it more efficient.
  • It combines all of its mounting components into one modular solar panel system that minimizes the impact on your home.
  • It uses fewer contact points than other solar panel roof mounts and significantly reduces installation time.


  • The solar panels are mounted flush with your roof for a seamless, finished fit.
  • Our frames and trim are painted with automotive-grade black paint.
  • It creates a sleek look, but also hides wiring and other components.
  • Fewer contact points significantly reduces solar panel system installation time.
  • Fits easily in constrained space


  • Solar panels.
  • Solar Array Mounting Racks
  • Array DC Disconnect
  • Inverter
  • Battery Pack
  • Power Meter, Utility Meter, Kilowatt Meter